Saturday, April 2, 2011

Metamorphosis Day 2

So I made it through 2 days of the workout, but I haven't been eating the greatest. I think it's because all the jumping around is making ms super hungry!! The cardio section is very confusing since I'm the least coordinated person in the world, but I have just been trying to keep moving, even if I can't figure out what the moves are supposed to be :-) Hopefully within a weenie two, I'll have it all figured out. I haven't weighed or taken measurements, so I think I'll do all of that tomorrow before I start my workout.

I'm also planning on cutting out carbs for the next few weeks to see if that gives me good results, since the diet that comes with the workouts is waaaayyyy too restrictive. There are foods I have never even heard of!! I'll update tomorrow about how day 3 goes :-)

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