Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27

so I haven't posted in awhile because of Easter and just being busy with work stuff, but I stopped doing Tracy Anderson :-/ I don't really know why, I just felt like I couldn't go to them gym when I'm doing her workout, and I couldn't make myself wake up early to do the workouts before work. I think I am going to try and focus on some 10 minute trainer by Tony Horton. I am all over the place with my working out :-) But, for good news, I've been back on my healthy eating the past few days :-) If I keep it up for the next 2 months, I'm sure I'll be ready for my friends wedding and my trip to the beach. And I'm really excited because I bought some cute shorts and a hat to wear to the beach :-) Any excuse to go shopping!!! Now my next thing to work on is stopping spending so much money!! Gas and groceries are killing me!!! I'll work in phases...exercise, then eat healthy, and once I do both of those 2 things all the time, I'll work on saving more money!!

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