Monday, April 5, 2010

Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate by Lis Wiehl delves into the life and murder of Jim Fate, a popular radio show host with very strong viewpoints. Throughout the book, three women involved in different agencies investigate the murder of Fate. Fate’s closest friends and biggest enemies are all investigated to determine who was responsible for the package which released a toxic gas in his radio studio.

This book is different than anything I have ever read in the past, but being involved in politics, I found the book very interesting. The storyline was strong, and I was unsure until the last moment as to who could have committed the crime. In addition to the mystery aspect of the book, I was interested in the lives of the three women who were investigating the murder. They all had difficulties they were dealing with, in addition to the work demands placed upon them when they were tasked with investigating the murder of Jim Fate.

Although this was the second book in the series, and I did not read the first, it was easy to understand and pick up on the storylines of the characters. I will definitely be purchasing the first book and the third when it becomes available next year.

This book was provide free of charge by Thomas Nelson publishing and reviewed free of charge by me.

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