Friday, October 26, 2012

A Light in the Window

Julie Lessman’s books are quickly becoming some of my favorites since reading the Winds of Change Series which follows the O’Connor family. When I was given the opportunity to read her newest E-Book, A Light in the Window, I could not wait!! A Light in the Window tells the story of Patrick O’Connor and Marceling Murphy, the parents of the O’Connors in the Winds of Change Series and also the Daughters of Boston Series. In 1895 Marceline Murphy moves back to Boston, Massachusetts after her father is laid off from his job in New York, where they lived for the past 5 years. Marcy is now in her last year of high school, and her beauty has attracted the attention of Sam O’Rourke, her childhood crush and older brother of her best friend Julie. Not only is Sam showing her attention, but Patrick O’Connor is also drawn to her kind and caring nature. Both Sam and Patrick are known throughout their Boston community as rogues, who spend their time in a local bar with many different local women. Rather than ruin their friendship, they flip a coin to determine who will be given the chance to date Marcy.

Set amid the backdrop of planning a Christmas play, the love triangle between Marcy, Patrick, and Sam plays out in a way that would keep any reader interested. Marcy was not the typical type of girl either of Patrick or Sam would have normally dated, but it was great to see that she did not change her morals for a relationship with either of them. Marcy was very strong in her faith, and she allowed it to be an example to others. Although I do think at some points she was a bit too harsh toward Patrick. She pre-judged him based on past experiences with a family member wronged by her fiancée who reminded Marcy of Patrick. When her friend reminded her that she needed to show Christ’s love to all people, she seemed to reevaluate her attitude and give Patrick the chance for friendship that he deserved. I loved Patrick’s trait of being the protector of others. He befriended many of the youth who were involved in the Christmas play, as well as the elderly people who would come to the community center for meals. Even though his background was checkered, in terms of past relationships, he truly wanted to turn his life around, in part because of Marcy but also because of his new-found faith.

Once again, Julie Lessman wrote a book that had me interested from page 1 to finish. I cannot wait to go back and read her Daughters of Boston series and any other books she puts out in the future. This would definitely be a great book for anyone to read who is interested in not only historical books, but also books about romance, faith, family, and friendship.     

Also, check out Julie Lessman's website to see details about the contest she is running with the release of her new book!!

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  1. LAUREN!!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to read ALITW and write such a WONDERFUL review -- MUCH appreciated!!

    I am entering you in my contest with seven pts., so GOOD LUCK!!