Friday, February 18, 2011

Angel Sister

Angel Sister, written by Ann Gabhart, tells the story of a family during the time of the Great Depression in a small town in Kentucky. The characters are ones that seem to come alive on the pages, as we learn about the Merritt family. Victor struggles with Alcoholism after his time spent fighting in WWI and Nadine attempts to keep her family together as she tries to deal with the various familial relationships in her life. Their oldest and youngest daughters seem to be insulated from the problems their family is experiencing while Kate, their middle daughter, tries to help keep her family together.

In addition to Kate taking care of her family, she becomes the protector of Lorena Birdsong, a young girls who is abandoned by her family because they do not have the means to care for her. As Lorena’s place in the small community is being questioned, Kate and her parents must face past relationships with their families. Nadine’s father, a pastor in the community, does not feel as if Lorena should be raised by the Merritt family so he designs a plan to have her placed within another home. Victor’s father, Preston Merritt, has never forgiven himself for the death of his other son, and he places that anger upon Victor.

Through the Merritt’s attempts to return Lorena to their home, they begin to face what went wrong in their pasts and how they can rectify those situations. It’s clear through the pages that the Merritt’s have a strong relationship with God, and this relationship is what allows them to get through the difficult times in their lives and begin to forgive one another for past mistakes.

Available February 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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