Monday, January 10, 2011

Still House Pond

Still House Pond by Jan Watson, which continues the Troublesome Creek Series, follows the lives of Lilly, Manda, and Copper. Lilly is the young daughter of Copper, the town midwife, and she is striving to have her independence and not always be given the responsibility of looking after her younger siblings. She looks forward to a trip to visit her aunt, and her parents are faced with facing the possibility that she did not make it to her destination, as a train accident occurs. The book also focuses on Copper’s midwife practice and the young girl who was hired to watch her children while she is working.

Although I liked the book after I read it, as I read the book I found it difficult to stay focused on the contents of the book. I liked the historical nature of the book, but I think I may have not been as interested in the book as other reviewers since I did not have the opportunity to read the other books in the series. Also, I felt the main plot of the book, which was the train accident, could have occurred earlier in the book and that would have made the book more appealing to me, as I would have been interested in the lives of the characters from an earlier point in the book.

I Received this book from Tyndale for review.

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